Release Management Dashboard

Internal web application used by development, QA, and project management teams to see release status in different environments.


Developed dashboard view to show relevant application information in each environment.  Provides visibility to developers, QA team, and project managers on status of release cycles. Used Bootstrap v4, JavaScript, and HTML5 to develop the UI.


Implemented RESTful backend API using Spring Boot framework and Java 8.   Integrates with Atlassian Bamboo API for pulling release and deployment data.

Trials and Product Key Activation

Added new features into .NET WPF application for timed trials and product key activation using C#, XAML, and LimeLM TurboActivate API.

Implemented date tampering protection logic that prevented users from bypassing expiration dates.

Loan Repayment Performance Scoring Application

Implemented Java application for financial client that scores short-term loan accounts based on payment history using a proprietary algorithm.

Application is able to fetch data from Excel or a database connection.  Used Google Guava for additional data structures, Maven for a build tool, and JUnit for unit tests.

Cloud Analytics Landing Site & Dashboard

Designed and developed landing site to promote product launch.    Worked on team to develop back-end web application for creation and deployment of machine learning service models.

Restaurant Employee Ratings Application

 Application that manages employees and incorporates a ratings system for the service industry


Developed administration interface that allows managers to manage employees, update shift schedules, generate reports, and search larger network of employees across different establishments.   Used Bootstrap v3, JavaScript, and HTML5 to develop the UI.


Implemented RESTful backend API using PHP SLIM framework.  Data stored in MySQL InnoDB database tables for transaction support.  

Subscription service that pushes real-time product stock notifications via SMS for various retailers


Simple, easy interface for users to subscribe based on part number and retail store location


Engine connects to retailer API to query stock status.  Integration with Twilio API for SMS notifications.

Server Dashboards

 Developed server dashboard checklist site used by systems administration department


Tabular data view powered by jQuery plugin DataTables


Employed LDAP authentication for team-specific views.  User logins managed by implementing cookies which store PHP session id.   Data collected using WinRM calls to individual servers.

Contact Center Automation

 Diagram of Application Flow

Diagram of Application Flow

Automation solution that processes over 10,000 calls a day as part of compliance project. 


  • Analysis engine: applies business logic rules to filter out calls that are not subject to analytics
  • Metadata engine: retrieves call metadata from application database and creates XML file per vendor specifications
  • Delivery engine: uploads call recordings and metadata to cloud vendor for analytics

AWS Infrastructure Tools Console

Developed tools used by systems administrators to support EDMC public cloud environment.


Developed administration interface that allows users to configure automation tasks without CLI access


Used the AWS SDK to call web services for IAM, EC2, and S3.

  • Multi-factor SSO authentication: Allows users to login to AWS management console using their domain credentials and Google Authenticator code.  Users are assigned IAM roles based on their Active Directory security group.
  • EBS snapshot backups: Creates nightly backups of all active storage volumes across all regions. Applies retention rules based on configurable settings in the user interface. 
  • On-demand S3 bucket provisioning: Used by Art Institutes instructors as storage space for projects and assignments by students. Automation retrieves course information from course management database.