Educational institution used the AWS public cloud environment for marketing sites and course materials.   

Project Requirements

  • The IT staff wanted a single sign-on solution to manage the infrastructure as well as automated backups of storage volumes.
  • The IT staff manually created course FTP sites to serve as storage space for student projects and assignments.   This needed to be automated and replaced with a secure cloud storage solution.

The Solution

Developed software that integrates with AWS services for access management, servers, and storage.

Multi-factor SSO authentication

Allows IT staff to login to AWS management console using their domain credentials and Google Authenticator code.  Users are assigned IAM roles based on their Active Directory security group.

EBS snapshot backups

Creates nightly backups of all active storage volumes across all regions.  Applies retention rules based on configurable settings in the user interface. 

On-demand S3 bucket provisioning

Used by course instructors as storage space for projects and assignments by students.  Automation retrieves course information from course management database.