A high-profile compliance project at an educational institution mandated that recordings of outbound calls placed by admissions reps to students must be sent to a third-party vendor for speech analytics to identify possible regulatory violations.

Project Requirements

  • Compliance guidelines dictated that admissions calls over two minutes in length are in scope

  • Third-party vendor required that each audio file be accompanied by XML file containing call metadata (phone numbers, employee ID, etc)

  • Files must be delivered to a secure storage location accessible by their cloud workflows

  • Calls must be analyzed within 24 hours of being placed


Designed and developed software automation solution that processes over 10,000 calls daily.

Analysis Engine

Applies business logic rules to filter out calls that are not subject to analytics

Metadata Engine

Retrieves call metadata from Microsoft SQL Server database and generates XML file per third-party vendor specifications

Delivery Engine

Uploads call recordings and metadata to cloud storage for vendor