Web Application Development

I specialize in developing web applications for businesses.

Every business suffers from pain points that cause frustration and impact the bottom line.  My mission is to listen, understand your needs, and propose technology solutions that solve problems.

Working together, we can build a solution that drives revenue, reduces costs, and grows with your business.


The Business Value of Web Applications

Web applications are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business and give you a competitive edge.

Streamline business processes

Save time and increase employee productivity using task automation.   

Free Your Data

Is your data trapped in a patchwork of Excel spreadsheets and Access databases? 

A web application powered by a relational database allows users to visualize data using interactive dashboards and on-demand reports.   It provides superior performance, security, and reliability over Excel and Access.

Powerful Integrations

A web application can integrate with other systems like Office 365, Salesforce, MailChimp, and QuickBooks.    This saves you time and prevents the errors from manual data entry.  

Open Source Technology

Built with open source software so you aren't locked into a proprietary technology platform.  Run your web application in the cloud or on-premise.


Five Step Process

My process for web application development involves five steps.  During each step, there will be regular communication on progress over phone, e-mail, and Skype.

Step 1 - Consultation

The purpose of the initial consultation is to learn about you and your particular business needs.   We'll explore your goals and determine whether a custom web application is the right fit for you. 

Step 2 - Contract

The contract is a formal agreement that defines scope of work, schedule, and the total cost.  This ensures there are no misunderstandings by either party regarding the project.   

Step 3 - Design & Development

During this step, the design and development of the front and back-end components of the site are completed.    This includes the database which stores all your data.

Step 4 - Testing

A testing environment will be setup for your users to try out the entire system before it goes live.   This ensures there are no issues preventing the site from functioning as you expect.

Step 5 - Go Live

We’ll schedule the best date and time to cutover to the new system.  And all the source code and documentation will be provided to you.